Suswagatham (Welcome)

Hari Om,

In this material world, food is key for survival. It is food that contributes to our

personalities since what we eat is what we become. We aim to provide

Satva Guna through of products since all our products are natural and

produced with a spiritual and happy frame of mind. ​

What started off as a Gaushala with one Ongole cow, is now a well established

Organic store and Dairy serving the neighbourhoods of Hyderabad.

The store is a vision of an IIM alumni with over 25 years of expertise in the

industry,but more so with a deeper sense of responsibility to provide the

healthiest food to our children and families. 

We typically tie up with farmers and artisan producers of products who have a

similar passion for healthy living.

We  supply Dairy products such as Pure Gir cow Ghee,Buffalo Ghee, 

Paneer,Curd,Whole milk,Spices,Honey,South Indian Pickles,Powders,

Cold press oils,Sugar Free Sweets,Milk sweets as our specialties. 

We employ retired personnel to produce our delicious pickles and powders and

retired people to man our stores.

We hope you will find us trustworthy and meet your health needs through this

humble effort of us.

Thank you.