Why buy our Milk Sweets?

We are primarily a dairy farm and we do not buy milk, khova or other ingredients from others, since we have our own Satvik milk. Most Sweet shops that operate commercially, buy milk from other farmers at a low cost which is sub standard and they typically add milk powder to boost it up. Now the next main ingredient, Sugar- now to cover the anomalies in the milk, they add a liberal dose of Sugar so that all we can taste is the Sugar in the sweet, rather than the Milky flavor (Simple math, Sugar per KG is cheaper than Milk, so add more Sugar- and don't bother about peoples health).

We always use a limited quantity of Sugar, always as a supplementary to the milk. We only make Palakova, White Kalakand and Ajmeri Kalakand and cater to any of your home or office requirements. We don't add any Ghee as the Ghee naturally occurs from our rich milk during processing. See the difference!

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