Sorghum-Jonnalu/Jawar Yellow

Sorghum-Jonnalu/Jawar Yellow


Rich in fiber, boosts metabolism, improves the digestive system and regulates the bowel movement, preventing constipation and other issues like stomach gas and bloating. 

High protein helps in cell regeneration and gives the body energy. 

Rich in tannins: Since sorghum is high in tannins, it contains enzymes that prohibit the absorption of starch by the body, which in turn, helps in regulating insulin and glucose levels. 

Full of iron and calcium: Jowar contains iron, calcium, copper, and magnesium, which are all beneficial for your health, including immune

High in antioxidants:  helps thwart cardiovascular disease. Also, the rare antioxidants in jowar have been directly linked to a reduced risk of developing certain cancers, including esophageal cancer.

  • Care

    Rinse 3-4 times and soak overnight for atleast 6 hours before you pressure cooker it.